Some Simple Guidelines For Prudent Clothing Brands Systems

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For Carmody, it's about expanding boundaries. "We haven't presented a whole lot of hip-hop in here, so I thought it would be really cool to kick off the series this year," he explains. "A lot of hip-hop shows don't want to be booked at a seated venue, so we've never done it. This space might not be conducive to all of that, but I think we can have fun with it and still make it work for a lot of things." Carmody's ultimate goal is always "to bring progressive art and music into the city and push the boundaries, especially now, with so many artists genre-bending left and right." To start the process off, Carmody tapped Benjamin Starr, a.k.a. Fitzgerald Wiggins, a rapper who he had previously worked with for the Hi Harmony concert after the Emanuel A.M.E. Church shooting. "He [Carmody] had some artists in mind, but he also wanted some feedback on some other artists that would be dope to feature," says Wiggins, a socially conscious rapper who is one of the scene's leading voices. "This is probably the first time independent hip-hop of South Carolina has been in the Music Hall, a specific hip-hop event," he adds. "That's pretty dope." Wiggins has been vocal about the need for expanded recognition of the greater Charleston's area's fertile hip-hop culture, something which often feels walled off from the artistic and cultural scenes that feed the tourism-centric economy of the city. "It's crazy, because hip-hop has always been going on," he points out. "There's lots of different people, hip-hop artists from Charleston and North Charleston, the rural areas outside of that, who have been doing events based on the culture not just emcees rapping." Given the tumultuous events of the past few years in the Holy City the shooting of Walter Scott by a North Charleston policeman and the mass shooting of nine parishioners at the Emanuel A.M.E.

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