Some Basic Guidelines On Tactics Of Eateries

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Some 10 percent of baby boomers are hoping to sample French culinary pleasures, visit Paris's iconic landmarks or revel in the relaxed pace of life in the countryside. California A visit to the majestic redwoods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood or other California sites graces the bucket list of 8 percent of retirees. Accommodations in San Francisco or Los Angeles can be quite expensive, but a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway or a day at a public beach often comes free of charge. Arizona Whether it's a visit to the Grand Canyon or spending a mild winter by the pool, 8 percent of boomers would like to visit Arizona. This state, and especially Yuma, is one of the sunniest places in the world, and many retirees spend their winters here. Nevada Many retirees are planning a trip to Las Vegas for the casinos and nightlife (7 percent). But don't neglect the area's surrounding beauty. When you tire of gambling and buffets, consider a visit to Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead. New York Some of the nation's most impressive shows, museums, food and buildings can all be found in New York City.