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According to the Lowlands Group, the work included the addition of a new Map Room dining area, refinishing the floors throughout, updating the bar area, expanding the number of draught lines from 30 to 36including a nitro lineas well as numerous additional aesthetic and mechanical updates. The renovation features old wood bleacher seats from Slinger Elementary School that have been reimagined as planter boxes that surround the large atrium. The materials have also been made into shelving in the cafes new Map Room. The design and build of the work was completed by Milwaukees Buildit360, who also partnered with Lowlands Group on their recent Downer Avenue and Tosa Village Cafe Hollander facelifts. Although it doesnt seem like it in light of the recent weather, our rooftop will soon be filled with diners, rather than snow, said Dan Herwig, director of brand and marketing at Lowlands Group. We had hoped to complete all three of the remodels before patio season starts, and were happy to say that we made it. The rooftop at Benelux will be ready for our guests as soon as mother nature cooperates. Lowlands Group also partnered with local bike company Fyxation, which crafted a custom Milwaukee flag bike. It features blue, white and yellow paint-job that pays tribute to Lenzs Sunrise Over the Lake flag design. The bike is currently on display at Cafe Benelux in efforts to promote awareness of the new flag. Cafe Benelux, located at 346 N.